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  • To effect continuity of unity, purpose of mind and action by bringing members of the club together to perpetuate further social works and services to the larger members of the society.
  • Bringing of like minds together for interpersonal development, the larger society and Ibadan at large.
  • Fronting as beacon of hope and the emancipation of the society from social rots, vices and ills.
  • Passing the torch of progress and legacy of goodwill to our children and generations yet unborn for the continuity of the good works.

Our mission statement is that believed that our immediate preoccupation is entered on becoming an illuminating example of how the rendition of social and community based services can positively affect people within our immediate environment. We are poised to making society fare better via the instrumentality of adding social and infrastructural values and also enhancing human capital development.

And of course, our vision is we envision a society where the gap of inequality is bridged and the song of brotherhood symphony among men and women within our immediate environment is pronounced louder than usual. We venture to synergize our influence towards changing the status quo via the prospect of a near utopian society devoid of cheating, social vices and oppression.

*It will also interest you to know the core values.*

*C:* Cementing social and influential bonds calculated to improving the societal lots.

*R:* Rendition of social help and community-based benevolence.

*O:* Onward in ensuring affinity and relative peace within the environment.

*N:* Native approach to salient societal issues aimed at yielding positive results.

*I:* Inundated ideology which considers humanitarian benefits to the less privileged.

*E:* Exposed to welcoming persons to lend credence to societal emancipation

*S:* Saddled with the task of making the society better than it was met.

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